Day: January 27, 2016


One of central Arizona’s most important assets is its natural beauty – supported by healthy natural areas. Prescott Creeks is working to protect and enhance them. We invite you to make a difference for the long term  by becoming a member of Prescott Creeks. Becoming a Prescott Creeks member demonstrates your commitment to make a

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25 Years!

Creeks Connect Community! Prescott Creeks held its 25th Anniversary Celebration September 19, 2015. A beautiful fall day welcomed guests and visitors to our office site at Watson Woods Riparian Preserve to celebrate the waterways and natural areas in our community and the work of Prescott Creeks in restoring and preserving these community treasures. Our guests

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Black Hawks – Impact Story

The term ‘indicator species,’ or ‘bioindicator,’ seemed too impersonal and detached to describe the black hawk screeching kee-kee-KEE-KEE as it emerged from a wall of lush cottonwoods and took a low pass right over our heads. We must be close to a nest, we thought, and quickly backed away in the direction we had come. We watched

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Phenology Trails

Many of us notice things like the timing of the first snow in the fall. The first wildflowers are blooming early, we may think out loud on a May walk, with a warm spring also bringing what seems to be an early brood of robins nesting in a tree by your kitchen window. In more

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